Friday, 14 August 2015

Road Racing Lessons Under Professional Supervision

Whether you are an amateur who wish to have hands-on experience of driving on fast lanes, or an experienced driver looking forward to learning extra tips, you are sure to need the services of a sports car racing school. With a balanced curriculum of classroom sessions that will take you through the much-needed safety and braking guidelines and ample lapping sessions, you are sure to have a blast behind the wheels. Moreover, the personalized instructions of the schools come in much handy for someone who needs the right kind of psychological pep up to driver faster and harder.

Learn it hands on

With an instructor riding with you, and the safety tips that you have just learned, you can now confidently get behind the wheels to actually know how to tame the fast power-horse of a racing car. It is important to know how to drive on the fast track when you have the wheels in hand, and the instructor will guide you on that.  Intensive road racing lessons with the added facility of having your entire session recorded by in-car camera will give you the feedback of your practical session.

Maximize your wheel time

The high performance driving schools across the globe conduct their driving schools near the raceways, so as to facilitate maximum wheel time for students. The learners are usually rotated through different cars on tracks to have hands-on experience of driving different formula cars. Formula racing is all about high-level adrenaline charge. Learn to fulfil the surge with the right guidance from the pros in the field.